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Our store is currently closed. You are welcome to look around but we are not currently accepting orders.

Welcome to the Grab My Brick store. Within our store you will find new and used sets, parts, minifigs and instructions. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

✔ No minimum buy

✔ We only use the best possible package per order to prevent damage during the shipment

✔ If something goes wrong with the shipment, please contact us and we will try to find the best possible solution

✔ For Paypal orders I charge 3,4% + 0,35 euro of the grand total

✔ Accepting IBAN payments, contact us for more info

✔ Orders below €10,- will be charged €0.50 handling fee (will be added to the shippingcosts in the invoice)

✔ All USED parts and minifigs are clean and in a good condition. Slight discoloration may occur, however we only sell these bricks if they are good enough condition to use in our own collection. 

✔ All parts and minifigs that are marked as NEW are from new sets or Pick a Brick.

✔ Please wait with your payment untill after the invoice is sent. Orders are invoiced ASAP.